Guide To Safe Tap Water And Water Filters

The first thing that you need to know is that not all water filters are capable of removing everything. If you want the best water purifier for your home, then it is important to understand what kind of contaminants your local tap water contains and what type of filter will remove those contaminants.

Nowadays, we don’t buy bottled water as much as we used to. Why? That’s because with a lot of new technologies coming up, we can now have clean drinking water right from our own home. Viomi has a smart and compact solution for us with its latest product – Light Bluer – a smart and powerful water purifier with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Not only does it offer high quality filtration but also helps keep our homes safe from harmful bacteria

Water Filters

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, using a water filter will decrease the amount of chemical compounds and harmful micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa) in your tap water by more than 99 percent. The EPA recommends that everyone should be using a water filter if they use public drinking water in their home.

Water Purifier and Cleaning Method

The Viomi Light Bluer has two built-in filters – Carbon filter and Reverse Osmosis. Carbon filter is the primary filter and the Reverse Osmosis filter is used to remove taste and odor particles. The soft water discharge valve is also included in the unit. In the past, we have talked about a smart shower in detail. Viomi has taken that concept a step further with its Light Bluer water purifier.

Drinking Water Safety

Most of us know that the air in our homes is the worst possible place for us to breathe. Indoor air pollution and indoor air pollution are linked, and the consequences can be really bad for us. A 2011 Harvard study has found that air pollution increases the risk of cancer from smoking 20 cigarettes a day. It also gives a high rate of lung cancer.

In addition to this, indoor air pollution is especially bad in areas like, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, and others. In fact, studies show that out of those with high indoor air pollution levels, 70% of the time, the dangerous toxins are coming from their homes. The world has limited resources, and water is not the only resource to consider. Water purifiers that help keep our water safe from dangerous contaminants is a necessity in these parts.

What You Should Know About Tap Water

Water is made up of two things: water molecules and microscopic microorganisms. Microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, parasites, mold and fungus. Because of the presence of bacteria in our tap water, many water purifiers and filters are made to be able to remove that microorganism and any other microorganisms that may be in the water.

Types Of Tap Water Contaminants

Mold and fungus can grow on top of the most common water pipes and leave a health hazard for the people living near these pipes. As water is used for all types of activities, not only you but also your plants and animals can have a toxic effect on the water if the water is contaminated.

Where to Get the Best Water Filter

The best way to start with water filters is to buy a purifier that can filter everything possible from your local tap water. If you are looking for a filter that will serve you for the lifetime of your home, then you have two choices – you can buy a cheap water filter that will be able to filter your water for a few years or you can opt for something with a lot of advanced technologies. Viomi’s Light Bluer, is a high-quality water purifier that features a high efficiency particulate filter that removes particulates and bacteria from the water at high speed.

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The next important thing that you need to know is whether your home is served by ground water or well water.

Why Viomi Water Purifier
Viomi Water Purifier Light Blue is a compact and effective purifier that uses tested and proven technology to provide healthy drinking water to consumers wherever it may be installed. This wall mount type purifier is well designed for all places and combines stylish looks and performance in one unit. The stunning light blue water purifier can filter without water tank. With space-saving compact body, this under sink water purifier is tailored for new-generation kitchenette, easy to install in a flat/house. With well-selected imported advanced filter material, this water purifier for home provides a fresh and sweet taste of drinking water while ensuring good quality. Its RO filter is the most effective way of removing these heavy metals and chemicals like iron, lead, mercury, arsenic, chlorine, and fluoride. All the physical contaminants, micro-organisms are also filtered by a RO purifier which makes it 100% unadulterated for consumption.


Viomi makes a number of internet-connected home devices which come with high-quality filtration abilities. This way, you get perfect water supply for your home without worrying about having to take it out of the house. Light Bluer is also one of the most affordable products from Viomi which gives you high quality smart water filtration and also keeps your home safe.

The average household generates between 4,000 – 5,000 liters of dirty water per day. To avoid the harmful effects of dirty water, you can use Viomi Water Purifier to save and purify those valuable resources.

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