Here’s How To Keep Your Air Clean At Home

The air quality in our homes particularly affect children, elderly family members, pregnant women, and people with asthma.

Viomi Air Purifier is a device that can help to reduce the factors that affect the air quality of your home.

The air purifier is designed specifically for family care. It comes with a smart app that allows you to control it from anywhere in the world, so you can always have peace of mind.

What is air quality?

Most of the dirt and air pollution comes from burning household waste, smoke from pollution from vehicles, the odour from rotting garbage, dust from deforestation, etc. In this article, we will share a few ways that air purifier can help to improve the air quality in your home.

Five Effective Ways Air Purifier Can Help to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home:

1. Reduce Toxic VOC

Toxic VOCs are hazardous and are created from manufacturing of many products. They contain poisonous chemicals that are linked to cancer and other diseases. Air purifier helps to reduce harmful VOCs from your home and will prevent the formation of cancer causing toxic chemicals in your body.

2. Eliminate Nitrous Oxide (NO2)

NO2 is a dangerous pollutant created by burning of any kind of solid or liquid fuel.

The air quality of our homes

Over the years, the number of air pollutants has greatly increased. Many of these pollutants cause allergies, which in turn leads to many health problems such as respiratory problems, dizziness, eye irritation, and severe drowsiness.

According to a WHO report, air pollution causes 3.5 million premature deaths per year, and over half of them occur in low- and middle-income countries. As per a recent report by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the average American’s daily exposure to harmful airborne particles is 13 times greater than what the EPA considers safe.

How can we improve the air quality of our home?

We can prevent the toxic elements to enter our home by using electric blankets.

We can avoid air pollution by using electric blankets.

We can make sure the ventilation is always fresh by making use of a purifier.

By using the air purifier, you can prevent asthma attacks.

VIOMI Air Purifier

This premium air purifier has four-stage filtration that allows for comprehensive air purification. The first layer is a 40 mesh nylon woven filter designed to trap larger solids. Then the HEPA filter with cleansing silver and copper ions provides effective protection against microbes. Another active carbon coating filters all harmful smog particles. Final filtration takes place with the help of UV light, which inactivates other bacteria and viruses and increases the disinfection efficiency up to 99.9%. Despite its small size, the purifier easily provides full filtration in rooms up to 60 m². Thanks to the appropriate circulation, the device will quickly and effectively clean the air even in the entire apartment, this family care air purifier is enough to leave the doors in the rooms open. During operation, the device releases strong anions thanks to ionization, effectively removes toxic gases, prevents re-contamination and leaves the air fresh and clean. The lack of the possibility of secondary pollution allows for much longer operation without the need to replace the filters, which makes the purifier cheaper to operate.

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