Jaco Beach, Costa Rica Review

Here is some information everyone should also know about Jaco Beach, Costa Rica:
People drown there. By some reports, up to 200 people are reported to have drowned in the killer riptides there and the surrounding beaches every year. (Do an internet search for drownings, jaco beach costa rica)

There are no warning signs. Heartbroken Family members from many countries have tried to have signs erected, even tried to put together Volunteer Lifeguards, but somehow the beaches never seem to have any signs, or they are ripped out and disappear.

I became aware of this problem because my good friend became one of the statistics. All she did was go out for a swim.

Please be very aware- learn what a riptide looks like. Know how to get out of one. And since it seems that the city, county and country refuse to put up notice of these killer beaches, PLEASE ask locals if a beach is safe before you go into the water.